Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fallen Apple Tree

A week ago, we had strong winds and a storm blow through here. I have 2 big, bushy apple trees in my backyard that has provided us with applesauce, apple butter, and apple pie filling. When this storm went through, it took one of my apple trees down with it. I cried and cried when my hubby and son had to saw it. I was thinking of all the things I could have done with the bounty it would have provided. Last year, we had so many apples I gave some to 2 other ladies to make applesauce and apple pie filling. This year, with only 1 tree, I won't be able to share. As long as we have the apples for us this year, I guess we will be happy.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Been Working

I have been a busy person. I have been making my own biscuits and they were flat and didn't taste very good. I was using 100% whole wheat and switched to full white flour. The biscuits came out fluffy, tall, and the family loved them.

I am so proud of these biscuits! I definately will be making these again.
I also have been working on early gifts. I started with a hat. This was my first time knitting a hat and I think it looks good. I also started making fingerless gloves. I have one done but still working on the other one and will be done in a few days.

This is the glove. I think they turned out really good!
I have been getting my things ready for my surgery in three weeks. I went to a different doctor today that did the first surgery and he wanted to see me back the day of my surgery. I told him that would be impossible. I definately won't feel like being on my stomach for him to check me out. Things will all work out.
Well it is bedtime and I really need my sleep. So I'm off to beddy-by.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The last couple of months have been crappy! My husband lost his job February 1. I had surgery February 25 and since been back to the doctor 3 times to only be told that the sore is still infected. My step-son moved in with us the day my husband lost his job. Neither son is minding us. It is like we are invisible and they try to rule the roost. This is not happening on my watch. We are fighting with them several times a day. I'm still homeschooling but I'm still hurting and don't feel like I'm here much. I feel like I'm in a dream. I know things will get better but it is the waiting that is getting to me.

To try to help things out around here, I have listed some things on etsy to try to help make a few dollars. I'm just trying to make enough money to keep the house paid, which this was the last month I could afford to pay. If you know of anyone that looks at my etsy, , and wants something in a different color or something let me know. I am more than willing to make the customer happy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Prayers for my little granddaughter and family

My daughter called the other night and told me that my granddaughter was taken to the emergency room. She was yelling in her bed and when she got calmed down she passed out. The hospital thinks she had a seizure but they aren't sure. She was born with a 1/4 of her brain gone. The doctor told us that some day she would have a seizure but we never thought it would actually happen. She is so small and innocent. They made an appointment to have an EEG done on January 23. Her mom is so worn out and stressed out, and she has to keep Alesia up the day and night before the test. Alesia is such a cutie. Alesia is the one with the binky. This is a picture of my daughter Amber, Alesia, Morghan, and Calvin. They are such a young family to have this going on in their lives. To top things off, in September Calvin's daughter, Ashley, came to live with them.
Please pray for the whole family.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Long lists

Don't we all have long lists of things we want to do or accomplish? Every year I put these things on my list of resolutions. This year I decided not to do that. I always feel so let down if I don't accomplish the things on my list. I have decided to just make a little list of things I want to do and if I get them done I will mark them off. If I don't get them done then oh well. I keep busy every day with homeschooling my 2 children. My husband drives a truck and isn't home but maybe 2 days a week. Trying to be mom and dad during the week keeps me pretty busy. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I could give my 10-year-old daughter her schoolwork and go off and do my own thing. I took some of my Churn Dash blocks from the swap I participated in on the N2quilting group I'm in. I started adding the sashing strips and cornerstones to start putting the quilt together. This is one of the projects that is on my list to get completed. It is so relaxing to sit and sew on the machine, by hand, or knit.

My grandmother came by today and gave us our Christmas present. Since she retired we have been getting homemade gifts, which I absolutely love! This year she made us a scrapbook of her memories. She wrote things she found out about her great-grandparents down to herself. Then she included memories and funny stories of her life. At the end of the book is pictures of all these people. It is the most wonderful gift we have gotten. Last Christmas she made recipe books of all her recipes and separated it all in categories. I really love these gifts and hope I can give thoughtful gifts to my children and grandchildren. This has started me thinking I need to start now collecting pictures and memories of my family.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wonderful Day

Today has been a great day of just relaxing. I took a 2 hour nap and have been hand-sewing. I know I should work on something for supper but I'm not sure what I'm making right now. I thinking it is going to be a breakfast. This is my first post and I'm just trying it out.